Sunday, February 19, 2017

Persevering, he Became Popular

Prior to joining the LDS Church, Anthon Lund was severely persecuted by his class mates that wanted to do what to him?
a.                  Send him to the school’s minister
b.                  Baptize him
c.                   Hypnotize him
d.                  Whip him
Yesterday’s answer:
A.                  To plead for his son who was in trouble
From the life of John Henry Smith:   While residing at Provo, he had a very miraculous escape from drowning in the Provo river during the very high water of 1862. On June 8th, of that year, he, together with Thomas and George M. Brown, were crossing the river in a small boat which capsized; John Henry became entangled in some driftwood and was kept under the water for some time. People who were standing on the shore had given him up for lost, when suddenly an unseen power seemed to lift him bodily onto the bank. It was afterwards learned that at the very time his father [George A. Smith] had become forcibly impressed with the feeling that his son was in extreme danger, and he went and robed himself in his Priestly apparel and prayed the Lord to save his son, which was done in the manner named.   

Andrew Jenson, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia (Salt Lake City: Publishers Press, 1901), 142.

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