Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Cost of the Blackhawk War

After all was said and done, what was the final cost of the Blackhawk war to the Saints?
a.                  1.1 million
b.                  $100,100
c.                   $550,100
d.                  5.1 million
Yesterday’s answer:
D.   One of the Three Nephites
As told by C. O. Card:   It was on the occasion of his (Card’s) first visit to the Cardston country in 1886. He had pitched his tent for the night and was sitting inside looking out into the twilight. Here was a wind blowing a flurry of snow. He was pondering upon his mission to Canada and what was going to come of it. Presently he felt, more than he actually perceived, that there was someone in the tent with him. He looked up and there stood a man dressed in Indian garb. This garb was immaculately clean. The man and he talked into the night—at least three hours—and dwelt upon the possibilities of this country and what was to come. Suddenly the man left as mysteriously as he had come. Card got up and went to the door of the tent and looked out. There were no tracks in the snow—not a sign to indicate that a mortal man had walked out of the tent. President Card said that he though the man was one of three Nephites.

Lowry Nelson, The Mormon Village (Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, 1952), 265.

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