Monday, March 27, 2017

Cracking Down on Alcohol

What was the tax levied by the State of Deseret on Alcohol?
a.                  50%
b.                  100%
c.                   75%
d.                  25%
Yesterday’s answer:
c.   Ezra Booth
At least one of the elders who had gone up to the land of Zion with the western Mission, about this time openly renounced the faith, and published in the Ohio Star, (Ravenna, Portage county) a series of nine letters in justification of his apostasy. This was Ezra Booth, formerly a Methodist minister of Hiram, Portage county, Ohio. He entered the church on seeing a person healed of an infirmity of many years standing; and as he was begotten to the faith by seeing a “miracle,” so too, it appears, he craved continuous miraculous manifestations to feed his spiritual life. He had expressed the desire that the Savior would grant him power “to smite men, and make them believe,” and he wanted God to so, it is alleged, in his own case. Such, It is needless to say, is not God’s method; and when Booth found that the way for reaching other men with truth, and preserving ones’ own spiritual life was still through God’s ancient sacrifice—“the upright heart and pure;” and by faith, patience, diligence, together with love unfeigned—these methods proved too slow for him as he was disappointed, and denied the faith.  

B. H. Roberts, A Comprehensive History of the Church (Brigham Young University Press: Provo, Utah, 1965), Vol. 1, 265-266.

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