Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Heavenly Conversations

Joseph Smith recorded that he had heavenly communications with how many different individuals?
a.                  2
b.                  74
c.                   59
d.                  22
Yesterday’s answer:
c.   $8 million
In its first three years the PEF expended about $750,000 in helping some 22,000 from England and Europe to the Great Basin. The total spent before PEF was discontinued in 1877 was above $8,000,000, and the total number helped was at least 100,000. Whether the individuals concerned repaid their personal indebtedness or not really doesn’t matter. For the investment added untold riches in the real wealth of talents and enterprise to a land that was valueless without such people. The whole concept of PEF must rank as one of the world’s most rewarding investments, judged by any terms.

Robert Mullen, The Latter-day Saints: The Mormons Yesterday and Today (New York: Doubleday, 1966), 117.

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