Thursday, March 30, 2017

Stealing the Show

Why did Anthon H. Lund astonish a crowd of non-members while serving a mission?
a.                  He preached strictly from the Bible
b.                  He was only a boy
c.                   He didn’t mention a word about Mormonism
d.                  He was able to quiet the local ministers
Yesterday’s answer:
a.                  Deeded the Ute lands to the Church
From the lives of George Washington and Betsy Elizabeth Kroll Bradley:  It had all come about at the last October Conference when Brigham Young had chosen fifty families to settle Sanpete Valley under command of President Isaac Morley. About thirty families and forty wagons left Salt Lake City on October 28, 1849. The Bradley’s had a good span of strong mules and soon caught up with the company which could not travel too fast, for many of the oxen and cows belonging to these people were poor. The trip was also slowed down when bridges had to be built over ravines, streams, and wash-outs.
Provo was just a small settlement then, but they spent three days there resting their cattle, increasing their supplies, and providing themselves with friendly Indian guides. Chief Walker himself headed this group, for he was very friendly with the pioneers then and wanted them to settle on his land. He even went so far as to deed it to President Brigham Young and the Church.

Chronicles of Courage, Lesson Committee (Salt Lake City: Talon Printing, 1997), 8:  76.

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