Thursday, April 20, 2017

Coming to the Lee’s Creek Saints Aid

Cardston, Alberta area
The leaders of the Church in Salt Lake City decided to come to the aid of the Alberta Saints by helping them purchase and lease how much land?
a.                  29,000 acres
b.                  1,000 acres
c.                   50,000 acres
d.                  21,000 acres
Yesterday’s answer:
(C)   Utah’s version of UPS or Fed Ex
The mail contract for the Brigham Young Express and Carrying Company (often referred to as the Y. X. Company), organized in 1856, was revoked in July 1857 at the beginning of the war. The cancellation of the Y. X. Company’s mail contract hit the Church particularly hard. Nearly $200,000 had been spent during the previous winter building way stations, hiring employees, as well as purchasing equipment, teams, and wagons. Church resources “were almost exhausted in this venture.” To help finance the costs associated with the war, the Church created the Deseret Currency Association, which issued $66,936 in two series of a new currency called “Deseret Script.”

Glenn Rawson and Dennis Lyman ed., The Mormon Wars (American Fork, Utah: Covenant Communication, 2014), 97.

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