Saturday, April 1, 2017

Hanging in the State Art Museum of Copenhagen

What painting by Danish artist Christian Dalsgaard appears every now and then in the museum?
a.                  The First Vision
b.                  Mormon Emigrants
c.                   Mormon Preachers
d.                  Joseph and Hyrum
Yesterday’s answer:
(B)   The angel of the Lord
From the journal of William Hyde:   On the morning of the 21st we struck our tents and took up the line of march directly south and continued this course nearly two miles when the Colonel became dissatisfied with the course and swore he would continue it no further. We then left the Copper Mine Road and took up a line of march directly west and traveled 12 miles. Camped between two small mountains. All were pleased with the final conclusion of our Colonel in the morning and felt that a providential hand was in the move. The night of the 20th David Pettigrew, Levi Hancock, myself, and others had met in prayer for the purpose of asking the Lord that all might work out for our good. In the night Father Pettigrew dreamed that he saw a person coming from the course which we had been traveling riding on horseback in the air, saw him pass over our camp and continued on the same course. After he had passed a short distance, he turned his body upon his horse and, placing a trumpet to his mouth, sounded the advance after which he resumed his seat in his saddle and continued his course to the westward. This dream was related on the morning of the 21st before we had taken up the line of march. When we came to start to the south, there was a strong drawback to my feelings, but after marching the 2 miles as before stated, and our bugler came to sound the halt, the first thought that struck me, which I spoke aloud to Brother Hancock who was walking by my side, was that the angel of the Lord had met the Colonel, and when the advance was sounded and the course of the Battalion turned square to the right, the idea with me was fully ratified that the hand of God was in the move.

Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Chronicles of Courage (Salt Lake City: Utah Publishing Company, 1994), 5:212.

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