Thursday, April 27, 2017

Payment in Kind

When one young man used a turkey to pay for theater tickets in early Salt Lake City for him and his date, what did he receive back for change?
a.                  Tomatoes
b.                  Carrots
c.                   Spring Chickens
d.                  Wheat
Yesterday’s answer:
(A)                A wash bowl and pitcher
From the life of Isabella Gray Park:   When she was a little girl about twelve years of age, immigrants camped near their home, and Isabella sold them fresh vegetables from the family garden. They paid her well for them, and they soon became very attracted to the little girl that came every day with a basket on her arm. But Isabella had a little secret hidden away in her heart. 
There was a certain something in a very special store that she wanted to purchase for her mother. She wanted it to be a complete surprise; therefore, she had to devise ways and means to earning the money for herself. Every day she counted the little coins that jingled in her purse, and finally there were enough. Proud indeed was she when she walked into the store to purchase the very much coveted gift-to-be. But her indignation knew no bounds when the proprietor of the store suggested wrapping it. No indeed! She would carry it down the street just as it was! And carry it she did, right down Main Street and to her mother’s home. 
Consternation reigned in the Park home when the gift was presented to the very astonished mother. Where would they put it where it could best be seen? The thought that it might be useful never entered their heads. Finally, after due consideration, it was placed in the most conspicuous place in the best room in the house—and people came from far and near to see the first wash bowl and pitcher brought to Salt Lake City.

Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Chronicles of Courage (Salt Lake City: Utah Publishing Company, 1994), 5:252-253.

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