Wednesday, April 26, 2017

She Bought the First

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Early pioneer, Isabella Gray Park bought her mother a gift. It was the first one purchased in Salt Lake City. What was the gift?
a.                  A wash bowl and pitcher
b.                  A mirror
c.                   A CTR ring
d.                  Mixing bowls
Yesterday’s answer:
a.                  The village blacksmith protected the elders
Anthon H. Lund:   Brother Lund had on one occasion obtained permission to hold a meeting in a town where it had hitherto been impossible to make an opening. The meeting was appointed for the next Sunday; and in company with a couple of Elders Brother Lund went there. On entering the town they were warned not to go to the meeting, as the mob would disturb the meeting, and they had given the blacksmith, the bully of several parishes, all the liquor he would drink in order to get him to assail the “Mormon” Elders. They thanked their informant, but said they must honor their appointment. They found the house full of people and great numbers outside that could not get in. The meeting was opened, and in stalked the blacksmith. Brother Lund says when he saw him, he thought he was a very Polyphemus. He had only one eye, a sinister look, and fists like sledge hammers. The Elders prayed earnestly that God would overrule the plans of the wicked. The advent of the blacksmith was the signal for disturbing the meeting, and some commenced calling the Elders liars, etc. The blacksmith arose to his feet when he heard the interruptions, and slowly eyeing the audience he said: “I want you all to understand that these are men of God, and they speak His word pure and simple. If anyone again interrupts them he shall feel the weight of these,” showing his large fist. The crowd did not know what this meant: he had drank their liquor and promised to beat the Elders; he must be joking. A loudmouthed fellow commenced again calling the Elders opprobrious names, when the blacksmith elbowed his way through the dense crowd, and taking hold of the disturber, threw him out of the door. This settled it. For two hours the Elders preached to the congregation, and the one-eyed giant stood guard as a policeman; but as soon as the meeting was dismissed, he seemed to realize that he was on the wrong side and he commenced to be ugly and wanted to quarrel with the brethren, but they got away as quickly as possible.

Andrew Jenson, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia (Salt Lake City: Publishers Press, 1901) 1:164.

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