Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Lord Provided

At a time on the trail when the Ellsworth Handcart Company required extra help, what did the Lord provide?
a.                   The Three Nephites
b.                  A strong steer
c.                   The Army of Helaman
d.                  Manna
Yesterday’s answer:
(C)   That Joseph overheard Samuel praying
From the life of Samuel H. Smith:   He possessed  religious turn of mind, and at an early age joined the Presbyterian church, to which sect he belonged until he visited his brother Joseph in Pennsylvania In May, 1829, when Joseph informed him that the Lord was about to commence His latter-day work. He also showed him that part of the Book of Mormon which he had translated, and labored to persuade him concerning the gospel of Jesus Christ, which was about to be revealed in its fullness. Samuel was not however, very easily persuaded of these things, but after much inquiry and explanation he retired and prayed that he might obtain from the Lord wisdom to enable him to judge for himself; the result was, that he obtained revelation for himself sufficient to convince him of the truth of the testimony of his brother Joseph. May 15, 1829, having been commanded of the Lord, Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery were baptized, and as they were returning from the water to the house, they overheard Samuel engaged in secret prayer. Joseph said that he considered that a sufficient testimony of his being a fit subject for baptism; and as they had now received authority to baptize, they spoke to Samuel upon the subject, and he went straightway to the water with them, and was baptized by Oliver Cowdery, he being the third person baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ in the last dispensation.

Andrew Jenson, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia (Salt Lake City: Publishers Press, 1901) 1:278-279.

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