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The Plan

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Anthon H. Lund and a few other elders were warned that if they preached, they would be mobbed by the village blacksmith. The elders ignored the warning, however, when they started to preach what happened?
a.                  The village blacksmith threw the elders out of the place of meeting
b.                  The village blacksmith protected the elders
c.                   The village blacksmith was baptized
d.                  The village blacksmith scared away those that wanted to hear the elders
Yesterday’s answer:
(D)   Beat their war drums
From the lives of George Washington and Betsy Elizabeth Kroll Bradley:   All that first horrible winter of 1849 and 1850, death had lurked not only for their loved ones who had been trapped in the canyon, but for all of the people of the Manti settlement. Over seven hundred hungry Indians were camped just east of the settlement, and when one of George W.’s cows died in the night from starvation, it was consumed on the spot by the Indians who never left so much as a piece of the intestines of the critter, and they even carted the bones away for food.
   They seemed friendly as long as they were fed, and George W. fed them well, for out of all the livestock he had acquired, he had only two yoke of cattle, a horse, and a cow left by spring.
   But that was not enough; the Indians wanted more and more. They held scalp dances and beat the Indian drums at night, keeping the settlers very worried and upset. Because of a slight he imagined he received from Brigham Young, old Chief Walker became very angry. He had always been very friendly, but now he suddenly reversed himself and decided to massacre all of the men settlers and take their women and children as hostages and steal or burn all of their possessions. Chief Arapeen and a friendly Indian Amon tried to dissuade him from this purpose, but they could not.
   George W. spoke the Indian language fluently, he had learned it from the Indian boy, Amon, who lived part of the winter with them. So he and James S. Allred were called by President Morley to go to the Indians on a special peace-making mission. It was an especially dangerous assignment, and one of the chiefs, Bataste, incited other Indians to seek their scalps. Their past treatment of the Indians alone saved their lives for which they were very grateful.

Chronicles of Courage, Lesson Committee (Salt Lake City: Talon Printing, 1997), 8: 78-79.

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