Saturday, May 27, 2017

Breaking Down the Wagons

In 1864, Brigham Young and a number of the Apostles took a trip to visit Bear Lake. On the trip two wagons broke, why?
a.                  Carrying heavy equipment to be left at the Bear Lake settlement
b.                  The roads were too rough
c.                   The wagons broke under the weight of George A. Smith
d.                  The wagons were constructed as an Eagle Scout project
Yesterday’s answer:
(C)   The chariot of the Lord saved him
From the life of William Marks:   His name occurs for the first time in the history of Joseph Smith under date of May, 1837, when “the ‘Messenger and Avocate’ office and contents were transferred to William Marks, of Portage, Allegany county, New York; and Smith and Rigdon continued the office, by power of attorney from said Marks,” At a conference held at Kirtland, Ohio, Sept. 3, 1837, Wm. Marks was chosen as a member of the High Council at that place, and on the 17th of the same month he was “elected agent” to Bishop Newel K. Whitney. Under date of March 29, 1838 the Prophet Joseph records that he saw Bro. Marks in a vision while  on the road, and that he was closely pursued by an innumerable concourse of enemies, who pressed upon him hard: and when they were about to devour him, and had seemingly obtained some degree of advantage over him, “a chariot of fire came, and near the place, even the angel of the Lord, put forth his hand upon Bro. Marks and said unto him: ‘Thou are my son, come here.’ And immediately he was caught up in the chariot and rode away triumphantly out of their midst. And again the Lord said, ‘I will raise thee up for a blessing unto many people.’”

Andrew Jenson, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia (Salt Lake City: Publishers Press, 1901) 1:283-284.

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