Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ignoring the Order

Governor Dunklin, Governor of Missouri, order that what be given back to the Saints in 1833, but the order fell on deaf ears?
a.                  The Saint’s weapons
b.                  The Saint’s property in Jackson county
c.                   The missing revelations when the press was destroyed in Independence
d.                  The kidnapped women and children
Yesterday’s answer:
C.   By wearing Denim overalls each week
Cardston, Alberta 1st Ward:   The Ward was reorganized on April 28, 1918 with Charles W. Burt as Bishop and Nathan W. Tanner and Gustave Nielson as counselors. Sylvester W. Low was later added to the Bishopric in Brother Tanner’s place. Gustave Nielson was chosen Bishop in 1928 with Sylvester W. Low and Nathan Eldon Tanner as counselors. It is reported that the latter as deacon’s quorum advisor went to the homes to discover why some boys were not coming out to Ward meetings. When it was discovered that all they had to wear was denim overalls, he encouraged them to attend anyway. To ease the feelings of some of the boys, their advisor came to Church dressed in overalls too. Reports showed perfect attendance for a time thereafter.

A History of the Mormon Church in Canada (Lethbridge, Alberta: The Lethbridge Herald Co., 1968), 80.

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