Sunday, May 21, 2017

It Seemed to be More Blessings than one Could Realize

Which of the following listed below is not a promise given to Mathias F. Cowley?
a.                  People would be waiting for him to preach the gospel
b.                  He would serve to the ends of the earth
c.                   He would meet people of influence on his mission
d.                  He would baptize Kings and Queens
Yesterday’s answer:
C.   Green Blanket
From the lives of George Washington and Betsy Elizabeth Kroll Bradley:   Betsy always kept a supply of Indian trinkets and loose beads on hand, and after the Indian girls and squaws had done some job or piece of work for her, she would let them choose some item out of a box of articles she kept for that purpose, or else she would give them beads to work with. She would let them sit any time, sometimes all day long, on her big, long front porch or out along the banks of the rushing water of the big, new city ditch that had lately been dug just to the east of their lot. Here they would sit and sew beads on gloves, dresses, or moccasins by the hour. They would sew sinew for thread most of the time, but sometimes Betsy would give them a piece of cloth to unravel, and they used this for thread. Some days they would wash windows or carry water for a tie apron or vegetables.
   May Indians always visited the Bradley home, but among those most feared was “Green Blanket.” He rode a sorrel horse, had a dog, and always carried a long rope. Children were frightened of him. One day he lassoed one of Betsy’s granddaughters. He caught her by one arm in the loop of a rope and was pulling her toward him when Betsy rescued her. He said, “Indian come to scare kids.”
   Green Blanket caused the Saints no end of trouble. He would steal their cattle and carry off anything that was left loose. He would often come for a drink at the Bradley well after it was dug, and Betsy always made him feel that he was welcome, though the grandchildren were frightened of him.

Chronicles of Courage, Lesson Committee (Salt Lake City: Talon Printing, 1997), 8: 82.

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