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“Like a Bright Star Shining in the Firmament”

These were the words of Maude Kenner, early Salt Lake City resident. What was she referring to?
a.                  Salt Lake City
b.                  The dedication of their new home
c.                   The dedication of the Salt Lake Temple
d.                  Her marriage to her husband
Yesterday’s answer:
D.   He would baptize Kings and Queens
From the life of Matthias Foss Cowley:   On July 5, 1876, a patriarchal blessing was bestowed upon Elder Cowley by William McBride, in which it was predicted that he would soon be called into the ministry, and would “travel much for the gospels’ sake, both by sea and by land, even unto the ends of the earth.” This prediction was further corroborated in a blessing given him by Patriarch John Smith prior to Elder Cowley’s departure for his mission to the Southern States, in which blessing were also many other predictions concerning his life which have been literally fulfilled. In a meeting of the Aaronic Priesthood, held in the Fourteenth Ward of Salt Lake City, also prior to his departure for the South on a mission, Elder Cowley was blessed by Bishop Thomas Taylor, who prophesied that since he had been faithful at home, the Lord would exceedingly bless him abroad. People would have dreams of his coming, and be prepared to receive him. When set apart for his mission to Montana, Apostle Francis M. Lyman promised him that with his companion, he should have influence with prominent men whom they would meet in their travels. In Elder Cowley’s call to the Apostleship, a prophecy was fulfilled uttered by Elder John W. Taylor, in a letter written to St. Louis to the former from Kentucky, March 19, 1882, in which Elder Taylor wrote: “If you are faithful, you will yet become one of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in all the world.” Pres. Joseph Young, when ordaining him to the office of Seventy said; “Your name corresponds to that of an Apostle of old, and you shall perform a similar mission.” Apostle Cowley has lived to prove worthy of the fulfillment of all these predictions in his life. During his first mission, Bishop Taylor’s prediction that he should find a people prepared to receive him, was literally fulfilled. He was appointed to labor in Virginia, and it was in Tazewell, Bland and Smith counties where he found such a people, chiefly young men and women whose parents and grandparents had heard the gospel preached by Elder Jedediah M. Grant, in 1840. Some had embraced it, many others had become life-long friends, and the seeds sown by Elder Grant had borne fruits in the hearts of children and grandchildren one and two generations later. In two years, Elders Cowley and Barnett, and four other Elders, who were present only a short time of the two years, performed one hundred and fourteen baptisms in that field. Many children were blessed, and hundreds of people heard the testimony that the gospel is again restored to earth by holy angels. The promise to him by Apostle Lyman was literally fulfilled, but notably in Montana where he and his companion were received by Governor Richards with the utmost hospitality. Before their leaving Helena, the governor gave them a letter of commendation to the people of the State, affirming their sincerity and honesty. In one of those lonely nights that come to all missionaries, Elder Cowley on his first mission dreamed twice of being home before the right time. He says that the horrors which he experienced in these dreams were such as to keep him ever after constantly contended in the missionary field. It was in one of these dreams, that he met Pres. John Taylor, who said to him”: “Well, you are home, are you? You may prepare to go to Georgia now.” Here, also, a prophecy, for, strange to say, although Elder Cowley did not return until after the expiration of his mission of twenty seven months, he was soon called, as we have seen, to return to the south, and this time was appointed by Pres. John Morgan to travel with Elder John W. Taylor in Georgia.   

Andrew Jenson, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia (Salt Lake City: Publishers Press, 1901) 1:170-171.

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