Monday, May 8, 2017

Matthias F. Cowley’s Mission

As I read LDS history, autobiographies, and journals I’m consistently amazed at the plethora of LDS missions. We’re used to this today, especially if one is a senior missionary couple, however, I’m discovering that the same thing existed in the early LDS Church. What mission was Matthias F. Cowley called to serve in the 1880’s?
a.                  Gold rush mission
b.                  Rag mission
c.                   Settlement mission
d.                  The Contributor mission
Yesterday’s answer:
A.                  The Bishop’s wife wanted to shoot him
From the lives of George Washington and Betsy Elizabeth Kroll Bradley:   The Bradley’s always gave jobs to the Indians whenever they could, and they paid them well for their work. They found it promoted a good feeling toward them on the part of the Indians, and it helped keep the peace, for George W. was a peacemaker. 
Betsy always had an Indian girl to help her wash clothes which was done on the smooth, flat stones at the water’s edge of the Sanpitch River. One day as the girl was busily engaged in rubbing the clothes, a young Indian boy came up behind her and demanded that she steal some vegetables for him from the nearby Bradley garden. She said she would not do it, where upon he grabbed her and the clothes and threw them in the river. Betsy, who was bringing more clothes down to be washed, was only a short distance away. Since the young buck had his back to her, he hadn’t noticed her approach until she yelled and started after him. 
Betsy always carried a pistol in her skirt pocket when she was dealing with the Indians or going anywhere alone, and she was so mad at this Indian for what he had just done to her clothes that she later said that she believed that she would have killed him if she could have got at him. But he did not give her a chance. He ran north with the speed of a deer, and then he turned east and was still running east on the main road when Bishop Bradley came along in his surrey bringing Brigham Young and some of the other church visitors back home from conference at Manti. Bradley stopped his team and asked the young buck what in the world was the matter, but all he could get out of him was, “Mean white squaw kill with pooch gun (little gun)!”

Chronicles of Courage, Lesson Committee (Salt Lake City: Talon Printing, 1997), 8: 81-82.

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