Monday, May 1, 2017

Sailing to America

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At the time the Saints sailed on ships to America many things happened. It is not uncommon to read journals describing storms, smooth sailing and bright skies, marriages, deaths, births, and baptisms. Ship captains loved the Saints because they realized that the chances of survival were dramatically increased. When Thomas and Margaret Rees sailed in April 1856, the Rees’s found themselves in one of the above mention situations. What was “Father” Rees called on to do?
a.                  Calm the ocean
b.                  Perform a marriage
c.                   Bury his wife at sea
d.                  Baptize the ship’s captain
Yesterday’s answer:
c.   Pebbles
President Young never passed anyone in trouble without lending him a helping hand. He was not only great in big things, but was a remarkable man in small matters. He was extremely fond of children, and was ever ready to give wise counsel to both the weak and the strong with whom he came in contact. Many a time he stopped his company long enough to investigate children’s little troubles and never failed to send them on their way rejoicing. He generally carried some trinkets along with him for this very purpose. One day he spied some little boy’s playing marble’s with pebbles. He stopped his carriage and gave them a full set of genuine marbles. Even the Indians were not long in discovering the noble traits of this kindhearted man, and they often laid their troubles before him. He dealt with them a good deal as he did with the children, and they generally went away admiring “Peup Captain Bighum,” the man who never talked two ways.     

Lesson Committee, Chronicles of Courage (Salt Lake City: Utah Printing Company, 1995), 6:101-120.

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