Sunday, May 28, 2017

Short on Pants

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What did pioneer Margaret Rees use to make pants for the men in her family once they arrived in the valley?
a.                  Cloth from the local mercantile
b.                  Cloth she brought with her from Nauvoo
c.                   Cloth from an old Nauvoo legion flag
d.                  Cloth from their wagon cover
Yesterday’s answer:
(C)   The wagons broke under the weight of George A. Smith
Brigham Young’s May 1864 trip to Bear Lake:   They reached the foot of the big mountain which divides Cache Valley from Bear Lake Valley, and here is where the tug of war began. The mountain was so steep that all were compelled to walk except Apostle Smith, who was so heavy that it would have been dangerous for him to undertake it, as he weighed nearly three hundred pounds. The mounted men soon had extra horses harnessed and hitched to the singletrees, and President Young and others who were too heavy to help themselves, took hold of these singletrees with both hands and were helped up the mountain.
   Apostle Charles C. Rich and others, who had settled in the Bear Lake Valley the fall before, came to their assistance with all the ox teams that could be mustered. Several yokes were hitched to brother George A. Smith’s wagon, but before he reached the summit his wagon was so baldy broken that he was compelled to abandon it. Everybody had a good laugh over the incident, it being the second vehicle broken down under his weight that day. With careful management under the supervision of President Young and council, the brethren managed to get him on the largest saddle horse that could be found, and another start was made. . . .
   . . . .President Young, who was in the lead, made another start and had not gone far when one of the horsemen brought word that Brother George A. Smith’s horse had given out, and they were obliged to build a scaffold in order to lift him onto another one. This amusing story caused the authorities to have another laughing spell at Brother Smith’s expense.  
Lesson Committee, Chronicles of Courage (Salt Lake City: Utah Printing Company, 1995), 6:111-112.

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