Monday, May 15, 2017

The Cost of Buchanan’s Blunder

When President Buchanan sent the military on the Utah Expedition in 1857, it was at a massive cost. It is said that enough money was spent on the Expedition to finance what?
a.                  Another transcontinental railroad
b.                  Another White House
c.                   Doubling the size of the United States military
d.                  Buying Alaska from the Russians
Yesterday’s answer:
b.   Taking turns going to Church
The family [Thomas Rees] arrived in Utah in the fall of 1856. The winter was hard and severe. Ogden was their first home and there Thomas and his family lived in a dugout. A child, Thomas Davis Rees, was born while they lived in this dugout home. The children told how they had to share shoes with each other. At times they would put pieced of cedar bark on the snow and jump from one piece of bark to another to keep their feet from freezing. This also meant that they would have to take turns going to church and wearing the available shoes.

Lesson Committee, Chronicles of Courage (Salt Lake City: Utah Printing Company, 1995), 6:358.

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