Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The First Oil

The first oil rig
The first oil discovered west of Cardston by Brother William Aldridge was marketed as what?
a.                  Fire starter
b.                  Water proofing
c.                   Medicine
d.                  Creosote for rail way ties
Yesterday’s answer:
D.   That they couldn’t travel to Utah as well as the Mormon women and chidren
Referring to the Mormon handcart companies of the previous year, the New York Times feared that the army might fare worse on the plains than homesteaders and Mormon converts. “The [Mormon] emigration of last season, four-fifths of which consist of women and children, started out in August, and made the entire trip on foot, hauling their bedding and provisions in hand-carts. If Uncle Sam’s war men can’t compete with women and children in their marches, and in ability to take care of themselves in a new and rude country, with all their advantages, appointments and ample means of transportation, surely they deserve the finger of scorn pointed at their puerile effeminacy.”

Glenn Rawson and Dennis Lyman ed., The Mormon Wars (American Fork, Utah: Covenant Communication, 2014), 97-98.

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