Thursday, June 15, 2017

The 1857 Call Home

William Miller states that in 1857, because of the U.S. army being sent to Utah, that the Elders serving on missions were called home. He was in England at the time. He also states that it was necessary for the elders to do what so that they would not be persecuted?
a.                  Stay in their passage cabins on the ship home
b.                  Travel incognito
c.                   Temporarily renounce their religion
d.                  Pretend to be anti-Mormons
Yesterday’s answer:
C.   Utah’s first toll road
Directly traceable to the gold rush were numerous other developments. The Great Salt Lake Carrying Company was launched in 1849 primarily for the purpose of handling business and passengers between the Missouri River and the coast. The individual fare was $300, while the transportation of a ton of merchandise would cost the owner $250, almost prohibitive except for commodities of high value and small bulk. Similarly, the impetus led to the construction of a superior passageway through the Wasatch primarily for overland travel, as evidenced by its designation as the Golden Pass. We have the statement of Pratt that this toll road enjoyed the patronage of the public to the extent of $1500 during the season of 1850. The charge per wagon averaged about one dollar. Just as the Golden Pass provided convenient entrance into the Basin, so there was occasion for improvement of the diverging north-south routes of travel which connected the rapidly expanding settlements and over which the California seekers must go. Thus an acceleration of the demand for internal improvements in the form of roads and bridges in cleared traceable to the gold fever. The outlying farm area had to dispose of their surplus in the available market. Naturally, therefore, this was a road-building era.

Chronicles of Courage, Lesson Committee (Salt Lake City: Talon Printing, 1996) Vol. 7, 75.

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