Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Interpretation of the Dream

Abraham Owen Woodruff (called to be an apostle in 1897), while serving a mission in Germany, had a dream that he caught three trout. What was the interpretation of his dream?
a.                  That he wouldn’t go hungry on his mission
b.                  That he was a fisher of men
c.                   That he would have three baptisms
d.                  That he was to go fishing the next day
Yesterday’s answer:
A.                    Said a prayer in front of the Indians
From the life of Dudley Leavitt:   In 1855, Dudley Leavitt, a Utah Pioneer of 1850, was called by Brigham Young to go with Jacob Hamlin as a missionary among the Indians of Southern Utah and Arizona. One time in 1857, while Dudley was making a trip across the desert from Santa Clara, Utah, to Las Vegas, Nevada, the Indians killed his only horse and roasted it for a feast.
The chief urged his warriors to kill Dudley too, but a Piute friend who accompanied him on this journey was interpreter interceded in his behalf. Knowing the power of prayer, Dudley had his friend ask the chief for permission to pray vocally. When permission was granted, Dudley knelt down and asked the Lord to soften the Indians’ hearts. The prayer was repeated to the Indians by an interpreter and immediately answered. The chief hurried the two men to his lodge and guarded them until nearly morning, then ordered them to leave immediately.
They thankfully did so, and they travelled on foot for the remainder of their long, hot journey, eating “mesquite bread” to sustain themselves. “Mesquite Bread” is the edible portion of the mesquite plant which is about the only vegetation found on the southern deserts.

Chronicles of Courage, Lesson Committee (Salt Lake City: Talon Printing, 1997), 8: 97-98.

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