Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Tennessee Preacher

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Which early Tennessee preacher taught the principles of Mormonism, did not baptize because he did not have the authority, and when it appeared he had enough for a congregation, called for the Mormon elders?
a.                  Ezra Booth
b.                  Robert Edge
c.                   George Lane
d.                  Billy Graham
Yesterday’s answer:
C.   The jostling of the wagons
From the life of Laura Lucinda Reed Steed:   The emigrant train consisted of fifty-six wagons and five captains of tens. President Orson Hyde organized them, and his closing words were, “If you will strictly observe your prayers morning and night, keep the Sabbath Day holy, faithfully hold the name of God sacred, and be kind to each other and your animals, you shall all go safely to the valleys.”
   The California gold seekers were before and behind them. The cholera broke out among the gold seekers, and many died. Brother Andrus asked the Saints to stay strictly in their own train and camp, and their train escaped cholera entirely, arriving in Salt Lake City on August 28, 1850, having had one death and one birth enroute. They were the first company to arrive in the Valley that season.
   Laura used to say that baby George grew so used to the jolt of the wagon that he would cry when it stopped.

Chronicles of Courage, Lesson Committee (Salt Lake City: Talon Printing, 1997), 8: 96.   

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