Wednesday, July 12, 2017

At the Counsel of Orson Pratt

When David John joined the church in Wales during the 1850s he was studying to become a Baptist minister. Shortly after his baptism, what did Orson Pratt counsel David to do?
a.                  Continue in minister school
b.                  Leave for the Salt Lake Valley
c.                   Serve a mission
d.                  Get married
Yesterday’s answer:
(B)   Wyoming
By the winter of 1857 the Army [Johnston’s army] was quartered at Fort Bridger. En route they had been constantly harassed by bands of Mormons. The burning of grazing land and destruction of supply trains were common ploys used by the Mormons. The territorial officials, Governor Cumming and Chief Justice Eckles, appointed by President Buchanan to handle affairs in Utah, located themselves at Ecklesville, not far from the wintering army, and temporarily established the official seat of government for the territory. “Utah thus had the distinction, during the winter of 1857-1858, of having two rival capitals, Ecklesville, recognized by the United States government, and Salt Lake City, recognized by the people of the territory.”

Chronicles of Courage, Lesson Committee (Salt Lake City: Talon Printing, 1996) Vol. 7, 91.

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