Saturday, July 22, 2017

At the Time of Their Ordination

During the life of this blog, I have shared numerous stories of how things used to be done in the Church, but no longer. Today I share another such situation. What did Heber C. Kimball stated happened after he was ordained to become an Apostle?
a.                  He received a second blessing
b.                  He was immediately called on a mission
c.                   He was re-endowed and re-sealed to his wife
d.                  He was re-baptized
Yesterday’s answer:
(B)   Gleaned Wheat from fields and sold the wheat

Raymond, Alberta:   In 1908 the Saints cooperated to build an Opera House. It was a hard struggle to raise the funds. The Quorum of Seventy sold a farm they owned and donated the proceeds. Even the Relief Society sisters went into the fields in the fall of the year and gleaned wheat and sold it to aid in the building fund. Early in the spring of 1909 the building was completed. Later heavy springs were put under the floor and the Opera House was noted as the finest dance floor in the country.

A History of the Mormon Church in Canada (Lethbridge, Alberta: The Lethbridge Herald Co., 1968), 114.

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