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Holding Her Tongue

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When Brigham Young visited Moroni, Betsy Bradley had to hold her tongue. What was the issue?
a.                  She worked very hard to prepare a fancy meal that he wouldn’t eat
b.                  He spoke lightly of her fancy clothes
c.                   He spoke lightly of her garden
d.                  He chided her for not wanting to be the ward Relief Society president
Yesterday’s answer:
(C)   Her dislike of Brigham Young
From the life of Joseph Edward Taylor:   Dec. 22, 1875, he was called by Pres. Brigham Young to go on a mission to the States of Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois, to labor among the Josephites and others who had seceded from the Church. He was accompanied on this mission by Elder Claudius V. Spencer, of Salt Lake City, who had been appointed at the same time: they were joined by Elder Isaac Bullock, of Provo, at Council Bluffs upon his return from the East. As the result of this mission 36 persons were baptized, there branches organized, eight children blessed and one couple married: meetings were held nearly every night; 24 of the 36 baptized emigrated to the Valley in less than one year. While upon this mission Elder Taylor paid a personal visit to Emma Smith, widow of the Prophet Joseph Smith, who was residing in the Mansion house in Nauvoo at that time with her husband, Lewis C. Bidaman [Bidamon], to whom she was married sometime after Joseph’s death. Elder Taylor’s object in making this visit was to learn from Emma’s own lips something in relation to the “Reorganized church,” which was presided over by her oldest son Joseph. Among other things he propounded this question, “Why did you use your influence to have your son Joseph installed as the president of the Re-organization, knowing, as you must have done, that the men who would confer upon him this authority were apostates and some of them had been cut off from the Church?” To which she replied somewhat evasively, but from her remarks he discovered her intense dislike for Pres. Brigham Young, whom she accused of entirely ignoring Joseph’s family. She claimed that the family had a right to not only recognition but to representation. For this reason and her utter distaste of the man from other causes had led her to do as she had done. Brother Taylor replied by taking out of his pocket a photograph of Pres. Young, and showing it to her, remarking: “After all Emma, he appears to be pretty well preserved personally, and the Church has not lost any of its strength either numerically or otherwise from the opposition which I think you have very unwisely aided and abetted.” At this point the conversation ended.

 Andrew Jenson, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia (Salt Lake City: Publishers Press, 1901) 1:295-296.

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