Saturday, July 8, 2017

“Killed, none; Wounded, none; Fooled, everybody”

Lemuel Fillmore of the New York Herald wrote these words in reference to what?
a.                  The expulsion of the Saints from Missouri
b.                  The Battle of Nauvoo
c.                   The expulsion of the Saints from Kirtland
d.                  Johnston’s army
Yesterday’s answer:
a.                  Meeting Mormons
The following about Warren Hickman:   I met George Goodhart from Soda Spring, Idaho. He said the following: “the first time I ever met your father, he and Port Rockwell and Lot Smith were camped on the Green River, and at that time I was a boy working for the American Fur Company. I was sent with a message to some of the trappers some distance away. Not finding them at night, I came across some gentile horses. I got down and examined the hobbles and could tell they belonged to white men. I got on my horse again and could see a fires a short distance away. I rode on the bluff above and could see three men by the fire. I called, ‘Hello, white men’s friend,’ and they answered and told me to come around and camp with them.
“One piloted me into camp. He took my horse and put it with theirs. They had a kettle of venison on the fire, the finest I ever ate. After supper I told them how glad I was not to have come across any of them Mormons. They asked me why. I told them that the Mormons killed people on sight, murdered the emigrants, and that I was more afraid of them than of the savage Indians. . . .
“Next morning one of them gathered the horses, and at breakfast I told them everything bad I had ever heard about the Mormons and how I hoped I would not come across any of them. I told them some Mormons had been seen in that vicinity. After breakfast I saddled my horse. One of the men tied a good lunch on my saddle. After I was on my horse, Hickman said to me, ‘How have we treated you?’ I told him ‘Fine.’ I could not have been treated better, and I also told him how glad I was to have found them. Then he said, ‘Tell your company we treated you to the best we had, and we are Mormons. Tell your company that we are Port Rockwell, Lot Smith, and Bill Hickman.’
“I was never so scared in all my life. My heart seemed to jump to my mouth. I leaned over and ran my horse as fast as he could go. I expected to be shot every second, but no shot came. Some years later I was at Lehi, Utah, at the time the Indians were making trouble. My horse was shot from under me, and Port Rockwell generously gave me an iron gray horse. It was the best I ever owned. . . .”

Lesson Committee, Chronicles of Courage (Salt Lake City: Utah Printing Company, 1995), 6:392-393.

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