Sunday, July 23, 2017


Why was Utah named Utah and not Deseret as originally dubbed by Brigham Young?
a.                  Scottish word for high mountains
b.                  Vermont terminology for cold winters
c.                   After the Ute Indians
d.                  Danish word for “This is the place”
Yesterday’s answer:
a.                  He received a 2nd blessing
Elder Heber C. Kimball adds the interesting remark respecting the ordination of the first group of three: “After we had been thus ordained by these brethren [he refers to the three witnesses], the first presidency [then Joseph Smith, the Prophet, Sidney Rigdon, and Frederick G. Williams, his counselors], laid their hands on us and confirmed these blessings and ordinations, and likewise predicted many things which should come to pass.”

B. H. Roberts, A Comprehensive History of the Church (Brigham Young University Press: Provo, Utah, 1965), Vol. 1, 375.

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