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Anti in His Views, But Still Liked the Mormons

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I remember while serving my mission that I had a land lady who loved the Saints, but didn't particularly care for its teachings. Which U. S. president’s party was anti-Mormon in its views, but the President himself was considerate of the Saints?
a.                  George Washington
b.                  James Buchanan
c.                   James Garfield
d.                  Abraham Lincoln
Yesterday’s answer:
(B)   In a dream
From the life of Henry Eyring:   In May, 1860, after having labored in the Indian Territory four and a half years, I started for Utah, where I arrived Aug. 29, 1860. At that time the Cherokee Mission was under the direct charge of the Presidency in Utah, but it was very difficult in those days to get any news from there. I had had charge of the mission for over two years, and altogether had been in that field nearly four and a half years; hence I began to think that possibly my mission might come to a close before long. Getting no news of an kind from Utah, I enquired of the Lord and He answered me in a dream, as follows: I dreamed that I was in the President’s office in Salt Lake City, and that I addressed Pres. Young, saying: ‘I have come of my own accord, but if I have not stayed long enough, I am willing to return and complete my mission.’ The president answered: ‘It is all right, you have stayed long enough.’ On the strength of this dream I started for Utah; and when I met the President, I said to him: ‘Pres. Young, I have come without being sent for; if this was not right, I am willing to go back and finish my mission. He answered pleasantly: ‘It is all right, we have been looking for you.’ 

Andrew Jenson, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia (Salt Lake City: Publishers Press, 1901) 1:312-313.  

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