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Beyond the Reach of the Mobs

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Nauvoo Legion member Henson Walker was concerned for Joseph and Hyrum’s safety when they left for Carthage in June 1844. He felt that they should be sent with a guard, when he was told that they were "beyond the reach of the mobs". How did he learn this?
a.                  Brigham Young told him this
b.                  He was told this in a dream
c.                   An angel told him this
d.                  Porter Rockwell told him this
Yesterday’s answer:
b.   3 weeks
However, Governor Dawson [ 3rd Governor of Utah] was not destined to be in the territory when the convention was held. It soon became know that he had “made indecent proposals to a respectable lady of the City, and fearing chastisement at the hands of her relatives or friends, he hastily departed, on the afternoon of the last day of 1861, for his home in Indiana.” But, upon his arrival at Hanks’ mail station at Mountain Dell, between Little and Big Mountains, he was robbed, assaulted, and beaten to exhaustion by a gang of ruffians. One of them is said to have been related to the lady to whom Governor Dawson had made his advances. His other assailants were merely drunken desperadoes and robbers, who were soon afterwards arrested for their cowardly and brutal assault. Their tragic deaths while attempting to escape from officers of the law were not much regretted by the community.
   So ended twenty-one days of governmental rule by one appointed to administer justice: but because he apparently lacked in judgment and discretion for his positon, the growing disappointment of the inhabitants of the territory with the form of rule became more manifest as time went on.

Chronicles of Courage, Lesson Committee (Salt Lake City: Talon Printing, 1996) Vol. 7,108.

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