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Bulletin of the Plains

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What was the Bulletin of the Plains?
a.                  Utah’s first newspaper
b.                  Winter Quarter’s first newspaper
c.                   Buffalo skulls
d.                  William Clayton’s journal
Yesterday’s answer:
(B)   To perform two ordinances
From the life of John Theobald Thorup:   Feb. 5, 1881, after having made arrangements to spend the day in the city of Hjorring, a voice spoke to him loudly and distinctly, telling him that there would be an extra train for the east that afternoon. He stopped for a moment and then walked on. But the voice repeated the same words as before, when he stopped to think; as he had just come home from the east, he did not know that his presence was needed in that direction. However, he resolved to go to Sindal, and in passing out of his office door he heard the same voice again, and this time it told him to take some consecrated oil with him. He left on the train and went to the house of Brother Jens Jensen, the presiding Elder of the Sindal district. (Brother Jensen and family have since emigrated to Utah and now reside in Hyrum, Cache county). When he reached the door, he was met by Sister Jensen, who exclaimed, “Brother Thorup, if an angel had come down from heaven, it would not have pleased me anymore than to see you at this time.” Then she explained that a Mr. and Mrs. Nielsen, who were neighbors, desired to be baptized that very night. Elder Thorup went to Mr. Nielsen’s house and found them ready and anxious to be baptized, and he attended to the ordinance. He had not sooner finished confirming the new converts, than sister came in and requested him to come and administer to her daughter, who was very sick with a fever. He complied, and the next morning the young woman was well.

Andrew Jenson, L.D.S Biographical Encyclopedia (Salt Lake City: Publishers Press, 1901) Vol. 1, 596.

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