Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Leaving Home to Find the Truth

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Non-member Charles Kingston left home in England in 1879 determined to find the truth. Where did he go to find the truth?
a.                  Russia
b.                  Utah
c.                   Denmark
d.                  Canada
Yesterday’s answer:
(B)   A teenager
In 1977 a dedication of Iceland by Elder Wirthlin again opened the country to missionary work. The site was on a hill overlooking Reykjavik. The weather was very threatening, but Trudy, a teenager from the Reykjavik Branch, said it would not rain, that they had made an appointment with the Lord, and He wouldn’t let it rain, It did not rain and was an impressive and inspiring dedication. It was truly a great historical milestone in the history of missionary work.

Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Chronicles of Courage (Salt Lake City: Utah Publishing Company, 1994), 5:288.

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