Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Levi and the Baptismal Candidate

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Immediately after Levi baptized the only non-member of the Mormon Battalion, what was revealed to him?
a.                  The future of this man’s family in the Church
b.                  The fact that the Mormon Battalion would not lose a life through fighting
c.                   This man’s past
d.                  The future of the Saints in the Salt Lake Valley
Yesterday’s answer:
(D)   His boots
John Smith made his way eastward and, after halting a short time in Quincy and Green Plains, settled in Nauvoo “in an old log house that had once been a stable.” Here the Prophet saw that Uncle John’s boots ere entirely worn out. “He pulled off his own boots and gave them to him and rode home in his stocking feet.” (Journal of John Smith) John Smith loved his nephew, the Prophet. On the last day of Joseph’s life, he spent an hour in Carthage Jail visiting with him.

Chronicles of Courage, Lesson Committee (Salt Lake City: Talon Printing, 1997), 8: 116.

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