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The Shortest Term

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Governor Dawson
Governor Dawson was Utah’s 3rd federally appointed governor in 1861. His term would be the shortest. How long did he serve as Utah’s governor?
a.                  1 year
b.                  3 weeks
c.                   6 months
d.                  3 months
Yesterday’s answer:
C.   The Kirtland Temple
For some time there was a season of joy and gladness in Kirtland for the saints. The school for the elders in the temple went steadily on. During the week Professor H. M. Hawes conducted the “Kirtland High School,” where, in addition to the English branches, the classics were taught; and Professor Joshua Seixas was employed to conduct a class in Hebrew which was well and enthusiastically attended by a number of leading elders, including the Prophet. In the evenings the various temple rooms were quite generally occupied by the different quorums of priesthood. On Thursday night a weekly prayer meeting was held in the main hall of the lower story, conducted by the father of the Prophet, now the presiding patriarch of the church, and vocal music was taught to members of the choir on several evenings of the week. On Sundays the temple was crowded with eager worshipers from far and near, and Kirtland was indeed a center of educational and religious activity. From thence elder were sent throughout the United States and into Canada, which was the first country to receive the message of the New Dispensation outside of the United States. Elder Orson Pratt preached the first discourse in Canada at Potten, north of the state of Vermont, and the 20th of July, 1833. In October of the same year the Prophet and Sidney Rigdon performed a brief mission in Upper Canada, accompanied by Freeman Nickerson. They held meetings in Mount Pleasant, near Brantford, the shire town of Brant county; also in Waterford, in the adjoining county of Norfolk. About sixteen were baptized and Freeman A. Nickerson (a relative of the Freeman Nickerson who accompanied the Prophet and Sidney Rigdon on their mission) was ordained an elder and appointed to preside over the newly mad e coverts. Subsequently, namely, in 1836, Elder Parley P. Pratt under very interesting circumstances went to the city of Toronto and preached the gospel to that city and the surrounding country. Among his early converts in Toronto was John Taylor, who afterwards became prominently associate with Joseph Smith at Nauvoo, was made one of the twelve apostles, and became the third president of the church, succeeding Brigham Young in that high office.

B. H. Roberts, A Comprehensive History of the Church (Brigham Young University Press: Provo, Utah, 1965), Vol. 1, 393-395.

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