Wednesday, September 27, 2017

An Unusual Request

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William Huntington was a stone cutter for the Nauvoo Temple. He had an unusual request about what he wanted to happen with the stones that he cut. What was the request?
a.                  That he be allowed to put his initials in each stone he cut
b.                  That the stones he cut be only used for the foundation
c.                    That the stones he cut be used for only the interior of the temple
d.                  That the stones he cut be stacked in a single column from the basement to the chimney
Yesterday’s answer:
a.                  That intoxicating drinks were wrong
From the life of William Huntington:   In 1816, providence smiled on him again, and about the same time he experienced religion, having an honest heart before God and earnestly enquiring of the Lord as to the truth and reality of the history and doctrines of the Bible. And from that time the spirit of the Lord began to show him the right way to live and what was coming upon the earth. First he was shown that intoxicating drinks were not pleasing to God and were conducive of evil, temporarily and spiritually. He left them off and joined the Presbyterian church. God next showed him that tobacco, was not good for him and he left off its use. Then his mind began to be clear and his views of the world were changed by faithful and sincere prayer to know who and what was right. He received an answer that none were right but that he would live to see the true Church of Christ, having the gifts and graces as did the Church in the Savior’s day. He left the Presbyterians and proclaimed boldly what God had shown him, namely, that all had gone astray, that darkness covered the people, and that whenever the true Church of Christ came, it would be adorned with the gifts of healing, prophecy, etc. From this time he became an outcast in society. In all these prayers, principles and faith, his wife was one with him. In the winter of 1832-33 he first heard of “Mormonism,” read the Book of Mormon, believed it with all his heart and preached it almost every day, to his neighbors and everybody he could see, or had the privilege to chat with, until 1835, when he and wife with two of their children were baptized by Elder Dutcher.

Andrew Jenson, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia (Salt Lake City: Publishers Press, 1901) 1:368-369. 

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