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He Paid for Them All

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Christopher Layton
What did Christopher Layton sell after his discharge from the Mormon Battalion at a very large profit that allowed him to pay the passage for 46 of his friends to come to America from England?
a.                  All of his U.S. army issued gear
b.                  Horses
c.                   Handcarts
d.                  Gold
Yesterday’s answer:
(C)   Baptize her
From the life of William Watton Burton:   John Cummings, of Skelton, was my friend from the first time we met. He invited me to make my home with him, when in that neighborhood, and he also opened his house for me to hold meetings in. Notwithstanding all this, his wife was bitterly opposed to me and our people. Mr. Cummings and I were sitting up late one evening conversing on the principles of the gospel, after holding meetings there for some months, when Mrs. Cummings said: “I had a strange dream last night. I thought that I was walking along a road and that Mr. Burton was there. He ran after me, and caught me.” I answered, “The interpretation of that dream is that I shall soon baptize you.” Her response was: “No, never, you will never baptize me, for I shall never join your Church.” She seemed so positive that I felt that perhaps I had said too much. About two weeks afterwards I had an appointment to hold meeting at Langthorpe, two or three miles away. It was rumored that a Baptist minister had said that he would be there and expose “Mormonism.” Mrs. Cummings was induced to walk that distance to hear us exposed. The minister was not there, but that night Mrs. Cummings was convinced of the truth. I was invited to go home with them. Mrs. Cummings scarcely said a word all the way home. When we entered the house, it was nearly midnight She sat down and seem to be very thoughtful. Her husband turned to her and said, “Hannah, why don’t you take your things off?” She responded “John, are you ready to be baptized to-night.” He answered, “No, not quite ready tonight.” But she said that she could not sleep, if not baptized that night; and, turning to me, she said, “Mr. Burton, will you baptize me tonight?” I answered, “Yes, if you husband will go with us.” He assented and though it was midnight, and the winds were whistling through the trees, we started off down to the river, about two miles away, and I baptized her, fulfilling the interpretation to her dream to the very letter.

Andrew Jenson, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia (Salt Lake City: Publishers Press, 1901) 1:350.

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