Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Limb by Limb

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In 1851, early pioneer Thomas Jenkins was miraculously saved when his horse jumped over a cliff into the top of a tree and was lowered safely to the ground as limb by limb the branches broke. What was Thomas doing that caused him to end up in the top of a tree with a horse?
a.                  In a horse race with his neighbor
b.                  Chasing the natives
c.                   Running from the natives
d.                  Relaying a message from Brigham Young  
Yesterday’s answer:
b.   The Utah militia
The citizens of Salt Lake City desired to celebrate the Fourth of July [1871]. A committee had requested General Wells for a detachment of militia and in response to this desire the General had ordered out the bands, a company of artillery and one of cavalry, and three companies of infantry. Acting-Governor [George A.] Black countermanded the order of General Wells and forbade the parade. There was great indignation both in Salt Lake and Ogden over the petty tyranny of the acting-governor, but his insulting decree was peacefully observed.
   To prevent any attempt to parade, the acting-governor called on the commander at Ft. Douglas for soldiers to enforce his edict. General De Trobriand, who was not a sympathizer with the ring [an anti-Mormon contingent in Salt Lake City], replied, that his men would be in readiness and if occasion arose he would place them in battle up to the order of present arms, but the order to fire he would not give, but would let that responsibility rest with the governor. When Black saw he could not shift responsibility he shrunk form the task and the soldiers did not appear on the streets, except as individuals.
   Ogden wished to celebrate the 24th of July with a parade, but Governor Woods [George L. Woods was the 9th Governor of Utah] returned in time to re-issue orders to them not to parade the militia at their celebration.

Chronicles of Courage, Lesson Committee (Salt Lake City: Talon Printing, 1996) Vol. 7, 122.

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