Monday, September 18, 2017

The Help of the Lord

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What did William Watton Burton discover fast about teaching the gospel?
a.                   Prayer and fasting goes hand in hand with teaching
b.                  That it’s very easy
c.                   That he could sell ice to an eskimo just the way he could preach the gospel to unbelievers
d.                  That he wasn’t very good at it
Yesterday’s answer:
d.   Speaking in tongues
From the life of Gearsen S. Bastian:   In the fall of the year he was called on a mission to Scandinavia, and requested to leave for his new field of labor in the spring. As the time approached for his departure, he experienced much anxiety of mind. As he has sold out his property in Washington it became necessary for his family to move to Loa, and the thought of his wife and two small children, having to travel two hundred miles by team and locate in a new country, far removed from a town, and bereft of the association, consul and help of a husband and father, was almost more than he could bear. But trusting in the Lord, he left his home at Washington May 7, 1888, and started for his field of labor. He arrived at Copenhagen, Denmark, June 6, 1888; and received an appointment to labor in the Aarhus conference. His missionary labors were successful and replete with many marvelous manifestations and gifts. He had much difficulty in acquiring the language, and after a few weeks he became discouraged, and thought it impossible for him to learn the language. But the Lord gave him a marvelous manifestation of His power. His missionary companion was released to return home and Elder Bastian was left in charge of the Randers branch. Only once had he attempted to speak before the public and he was not able to say but a very few words. Sunday came, and at the appointed time for worship the meeting hall was well filled. After the opening exercises he called upon one of the native Elders to speak, but he had only occupied a few minutes, when a burning desire to speak filled the soul of Elder Bastian. He arose, and under the influence and power of God he preached the gospel with much plainness in the Danish language for an hour and twenty minutes. At the close of the meeting the native brethren and sisters all flocked around him to congratulate him; and they claimed that he had spoken the language with as much plainness as they could have spoken; and they rejoiced greatly. But as yet he could not converse with them; nevertheless the Lord had given to him a testimony that he should henceforth have freedom and power in preaching the gospel.

Andrew Jenson, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia (Salt Lake City: Publishers Press, 1901) 1:344-345.

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