Saturday, October 28, 2017

Brigham’s Gift to Elizabeth Cummings

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Elizabeth Cummings was the wife of the first non-member Governor of Utah, Alfred Cummings. What gift did Brigham Young have waiting for her when she and her husband arrived in Salt Lake City?
a.                  A piano
b.                  A copy of her genealogy
c.                   An original copy of the Book of Mormon
d.                  Utah peaches and other produce
Yesterday’s answer:
b.   Joseph’s coat of many colors
From the journal of Charles A. Scott, a soldier in Johnston’s army that was sent to Utah in 1858:   July 6, 1858: Started at five. A good hilly road for 18 ½ miles Camped on the Jordan about two miles from Lake Utah plenty of water and grass. Wood two miles off. The Road between Provo and Salt Lake is nearly lined with Mormon families returning to their homes in the North, they are the most destitute looking set I ever saw, pigs, poultry, whiteheaded children, Mothers and Wives all heaped promiscuously together in the wagon, with barely sufficient clothing to cover their nakedness. To judge the men by their appearance, one would think that their coats were made from the same pattern, that Joseph wore, from the many colors they contain, or else old bed quilts are a spontaneous production in this section of the country

Chronicles of Courage, Lesson Committee (Salt Lake City: Talon Printing, 1996) Vol. 7, 378.

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