Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Morning the News Broke

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When the news broke that Utah was officially a state, what was the first act of celebration in Salt Lake City?
a.                  Church bells ringing
b.                  A shotgun fired
c.                   The Mormon Tabernacle choir singing
d.                  A cannon fired
Yesterday’s answer:
D.   Called on a mission
B. H. Roberts was one of a committee appointed by the Church to draft a petition to the President and people of the United States praying for protection against the harsh and unlawful acts of the antipolygamy crusaders. Early in the summer of 1886, Mr. Roberts became associate editor of the Salt Lake Herald.
   The following winter he was charged with violating the Edmunds law. He paid a bond in the sum of one thousand dollars. It was suggested that he forfeit the bond and leave immediately on a mission to Great Britain. He was arrested at Six o’clock in the evening and gave bond within the hour. At nine o’clock he was called on a mission to Great Britain, and at ten he left Salt Lake City on his way to Liverpool, calling at his home in Centerville en route. A fast team drove him to Peterson in Morgan County where he boarded an east-bound train. He was warmly welcomed in Liverpool by President Daniel H. Wells. Under him he labored three months as associate editor of the Millennial Star. He returned home in October 1888.
Chronicles of Courage, Lesson Committee (Salt Lake City: Talon Printing, 1996) Vol. 7, 184.

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