Sunday, November 19, 2017

John Peter Sorensen’s Conversion

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What was the one thing that led to John’s conversion into the Church in 1878?
a.                  Visions
b.                  The Primary presentation
c.                   Ward basketball
d.                  A healing
Yesterday’s answer:
(C)   Nonpayment of personal tax
From the life of Henry Phinehas Richards:   While remaining a short time at Laie, the native assessor and collector of the district assessed a personal tax against Elder Richards of $5, as he had usually done to other Elders, although the law exempted Christian ministers of all denominations, who are regularly engaged in their vocation, from the personal tax. He demurred to pay the tax on the above grounds and was consequently arrested and brought before the native judge of the district, who decided that he would have to pay the tax, as he was not a Christian minister, An appeal was taken, and the case heard before one of the Judges of the Supreme Court of the kingdom, the attorney-general of the Crown prosecuting. The decision of the lower court was reversed and the case decided in Elder Richards; favor, whereby the “Mormon” Elders were placed upon an equal footing with ministers of other denominations.

Andrew Jenson, L.D.S Biographical Encyclopedia (Salt Lake City: Publishers Press, 1901) Vol. 1, 814.

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