Wednesday, November 29, 2017

“Sort of a Magic Mirror”

What was stated as being a “sort of magic mirror” that showed men’s true traits?
a.                  The Mormon Trail
b.                  Missions
c.                   The Mormon Battalion
d.                  Polygamy
Yesterday’s answer:
(B)   Memorize the names of the Quorum of the Twelve
When Elder L. Tom Perry became a member of the Quorum of the Twelve in April 1974, he recalled in his conference address the teachings of his father concerning the general authorities: “I was reared in a home in which the children were taught great love and respect for the General Authorities of the Church. I remember as I was learning the names of the members of the Council of the Twelve as a Primary graduation requirement, my father spent time and patience to teach me about the lives of each, as well as the required memory work. To this day, I think you can ask me at any time to recite the names of those great men . . . and I can repeat them rapidly and remember events in their lives.” As evidenced by the life of Elder Perry, great examples can wield a powerful influence.

Flake, Lawrence R., Prophets and Apostles of the Last Dispensation, (Provo, Utah: Religious Study Center, Brigham Young University, 2001), xi.

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