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Brigham Young’s 1859 Prophecy

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Brigham Young

What did Brigham Young prophesy in 1859 that happened?
a.                  The Saints will become a strong people in the Rocky Mountains
b.                  The Book of Mormon would cover the world
c.                   A murderer that escaped the law in Utah would die
d.                  The United Order would not last
Yesterday’s answer:
A.                   One
Early converts Samuel Bjarnason and his wife, Margret Gisladotti, along with a woman named Helga Jonsdottir, left the Westman Islands [Iceland] in 1854 for Liverpool. On January 7, 1855, they embarked on the ship James Nesmith and eventually arrived in the Salt Lake Valley on September 7, 1855. Upon their arrival, President Brigham Young directed them to settle in Spanish Fork, which had just been incorporated as a town that same year.
Samuel, Margret, and Helga were not only the first Latter-day Saint Icelanders to gather to Utah, but also the first known Icelanders to immigrate to America. The immigration of these first three Saints paved the way for others to follow. It is estimated that nearly 400 Icelanders immigrated to Utah between 1854-1914, just prior to the outbreak of World War I.
Though Elder Lorentzen had organized a branch in Iceland in 1853, nearly all the members had left for the United States. In fact, when Byron Ceslison—a Spanish Fork-born, full-blooded Icelander—and his wife and twin boys traveled to Iceland in 1975 as missionaries, they found only one fully active member in the area.

Fred E. Woods and Jake Healey, The Church in Iceland, LDS Living, Jan/Feb 2016, 63.

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