Friday, December 1, 2017

Lifting the Image of the Church

What country used basketball to lift the image of the Church during the 1950’s?
a.                  Canada
b.                  Australia
c.                   Russia
d.                  Japan
Yesterday’s answer:
(A)               Leaving for his mission to Japan on this day
Back in Salt Lake City, [Alma O.] Taylor and his three missionary companions were busy preparing for their departure to Asia. Taylor received Nishijima’s second letter just days before he left Utah for Japan in late July 1901. They had purposefully scheduled their departure to coincide with Pioneer Day (July 24), a popular holiday in Utah commemorating the vanguard company of Mormon pioneers entering the Salt Lake Valley in 1847. That evening, after the Pioneer Day parades and fireworks, the missionaries and their families and friends assembled at the Salt Lake Train depot to say their final goodbyes. Then the elders boarded the Oregon Short Line train bound for the Pacific coast. “It was quite an auspicious day to make a start; it being the 54th Anniversary of the pioneers entering the Salt Lake Valley. I felt that inasmuch as the Gospel had never been preached in Japan and that we were to be the first to sound the Gospel cry to that nation; that we were indeed going pioneering on pioneer day,” Taylor noted. The train pulled out of the Salt Lake City depot at 11:10 p.m. The missionaries traveled north by train to Ogden, Utah, were they caught their rail connection to the deep-water port of Vancouver, British Columbia. The twentieth-century Mormon errand to the East had begun.

A Moron and a Buddhist Debate Plural Marriage, The letters of Elder Alma O. Taylor and the Reverend Nishijima Kakuryo, 1901, Reid L. Neilson (BYU Studies, Vol. 53, Number 2, 2014), 102.

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