Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Sharing Their Testimony


Martha Phelps Abraham married in 1852. After she married her husband, the two of them shared their testimonies by traveling throughout England and doing what?
a.                  Street boarding
b.                  Tracting
c.                   Missionary splits
d.                  Singing the songs of Zion
Yesterday’s answer:
A.                    Printing
The average annual income for someone living in 1830 was around $500. The first Book of Mormon printing cost six times that amount. To put that in perspective, the median annual salary in the United States today is $50,000. Meaning the $3,000 it cost to print the Book of Mormon would be the equivalent of at least $300,000 today. This high cost—a combination of the large number of copies, higher-quality binding materials, and lack of other printing options-was a massive financial burden that Joseph Smith never could have hoped to pay for alone. He needed Martin Harris help financing the publication of the book through mortgaging his property.

From the Editors of the Joseph Smith Papers, 20 Things you Didn’t Know About Church History, LDS Living, September/October 2015, 33.

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