Saturday, December 9, 2017

The 1852 Church Ordered Evacuation

In 1852 what did the First Presidency order to be evacuated?
a.                  California
b.                  Nauvoo
c.                   Kirtland
d.                  Iowa
Yesterday’s answer:
(A)                 President Joseph F. Smith
[Joseph F.] Smith seemed conscious of his limited formal education. Near the end of his life, he lamented that, unlike some of his more educated colleagues, “he would be forgotten because he had no written work to leave behind.” This prompted John A. Widtsoe to work with others to compile Smith’s sermons and writings into the text Gospel Doctrine. The volume was formally presented to Smith just seventeen days before his death.

Joseph F. Smith and the Reshaping of Church Education, Scott C. Esplin, BYU Studies Vol. 52, No. 3, 2013, 45.            

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