Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Brethren’s Lawyers

Alexander Doniphan

Alexander Doniphan and Peter Burnett fearlessly defended the leading brethren in midst of a raging mob in the late fall and early winter of 1838. While Alexander Doniphan was giving his closing speech to the court, what was Peter Burnett doing?
a.                  Taking notes
b.                  Had his hand on his revolver ready to kill anyone that dare attack
c.                   Reading the Book of Mormon
d.                  Collaborating with the lawyer representing the persecution
Yesterday’s answer:
D.   Corianton
From the life of Mary Ann Holladay Richins:   She also possessed musical talent and became a member of the Tabernacle choir when only fourteen years old. She made two trips with said choir, helped the Elders to tract and do missionary work. She possessed a great deal of magnetism and her smiling face and happy disposition gained friends for her wherever she went. Possessing also dramatical ability, she took leading parts in several local opera plays, and when the Book of Mormon play known as Corianton was put on the boards, she went with the company East, visiting Denver Independence, Omaha and St. Louis. On this trip also Sister Mary took great delight in assisting the Elders in their missionary labors. After accompanying the Corianton company to California Mary remained in that State for some time studying and teaching music.

Jenson, Andrew, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia (Salt Lake City: Andrew Jensen History Company, 1914), 2: 398.

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