Friday, December 15, 2017

They are the Most Similar to Us

According to Joseph Smith, Mormonism is closest to what religion?
a.                  The Catholics
b.                  The Quakers
c.                   The Methodist
d.                  The Baptist
Yesterday’s answer:
(D)   Buy an Improvement Era subscription
In earlier times, not everyone was thrilled to come here [St. George]. J. Golden Kimball’s St. George stories suggest that he believed the Brethren sent him here as some kind of punishment. On one of many occasions, J. Golden was assigned to a summer stake conference in St. George with one of the senior Brethren. After two long, hot days of wall-to-wall meetings, they finished the Sunday afternoon general session. They and most of the ward and stake leaders were fasting until all of their meetings were finished. The two visitors held one final meeting designed to motivate the stake leaders to increase their subscriptions to the Improvement Era, the Church’s magazine. Elder Kimball knew he could do this one of two ways: either he could give a pep talk about the Era for an hour, or he could offer them the chance to go home early and eat. So Elder Kimball stood up and said, “’All you men that will take the Era if we will let you go home, raise your right hand.’ There was not a single man who did not raise his hand and subscribed and paid $2.00 cash for the Era.”

Bruce C. Hafen, Pools of Living Water, BYU Studies, Vol. 51, Number 1, 2012, 53.

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