Monday, January 8, 2018

Mormonism in Movies

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Mormonens Offer (A victim of the Mormons), released in 1911 in Denmark, became an international box office hit. What contributed to the popularity of the movie?
a.                  The actors and actresses used
b.                  The fact that polygamy was not yet illegal in Denmark
c.                   The fact that Utah’s governor and the LDS church tried to stop it from being shown
d.                  It was half the price of admission
Yesterday’s answer:
(A)                 Utah
The mortal remains of Emma, Joseph, and Hyrum Smith have received a great deal more attention than is typical for dead bodies. According to the most commonly told version of events, Joseph and Hyrum’s remains have been twice buried, once entombed, and thrice memorialized. For her part, Emma has been once buried, once entombed, and four times memorialized. The biographies of their dead bodies have been well documented. As theirs are the remains of prominent leaders of the early Latter Day Saint movement, they have generated interest in their whereabouts, desires to find them, a will to move them, and the mobilization of considerable resources to memorialize and represent them in particular ways. . .
On June 28, 1844, the day after the assassinations of Joseph and Hyrum Smith, their bodies were brought back to Nauvoo, prepared for burial, viewed by thousands of mourners, and then under cover of darkness on June 29, buried secretly. At some point a few months later in late 1844 or early 1845, the bodies were disinterred and moved to a nearby location across Main Street. By some accounts, they were moved on multiple occasions; in others, they were moved only one time between 1844 and 1928. The details of the moves and the locations vary. Joseph F. Smith once told of the bodies being buried and reburied four times prior to 1928. Another version of the events—with folklore variants that have persisted in diminished forms to the present—attest that the bodies were surreptitiously taken to Utah and secretly buried there. . .

Lee Wiles, “Monogamy Underground: The Burial Of Mormon Plural Marriage In The Graves Of Joseph And Emma Smith,” Journal of Mormon History, Summer 2013, 1, 12-14.

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