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Non-Mormons in the Vanguard Company?

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Yes, believe it or not, there were non-members in the 1st company of Saints that arrived in the Salt Lake Valley in July 1847. How many non-members were there?
a.                  3
b.                  1
c.                   2
d.                  4
Yesterday’s answer:
(A)                 Sealed against all sickness and disease
From the life of Mary McRee Black Brown:   After arriving in Nauvoo her husband worked on the Nauvoo Temple for two years and later engaged in the mercantile business. He took a partner, Mr. Gully, in with him and was very successful until his health failed. He died of malaria in 1845. Gully defrauded Mary of every cent that was invested in the business.
During all these years Mary had heard nothing from her folks. She had buried three little girls and the death of her husband was a severe trail for her. Failing in health and destitute, she didn’t know what to do. Her husbands’ folks in Mississippi, who had joined the Church, wanted her to come there. On his deathbed, her husband begged her not to go. She refused to go, although doctors had warned her she must leave the Nauvoo climate or die. She became very ill, so she sent for the Prophet Joseph Smith, who came with Brigham Young. He blessed her and told her to go to her husband’s people and she would get well and do much good in her life.
Mary went to Mississippi and while there she visited her father and step-mother, both of whom had softened toward her. Her last daughter died, leaving her only George David who was five years old. In the spring, David Tyler and other Saints in Mississippi took Mary and George back to Nauvoo. George contracted malaria and almost died, but Brigham Young administered to him and baptized him in the river, sealing against all diseases for the rest of his life. He later died from an accident.

 Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude, Daughters of Utah Pioneers: (International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers: 1998), 1:392.

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